Our Mission

Our mission is to help transform the global legal industry. We do this by embedding the latest innovative technology and by removing unnecessary tasks, which in turn frees lawyers up to do what they do best – practise law.

As lawyers ourselves, we recognise that the industry we love is going through an unprecedented period of disruption. Rather than fear the change ahead, we believe there are great opportunities to do things better, save firms money, and improve outcomes for our clients and customers.

Alistar Maiden

Alistair Maiden


Alistair founded SYKE in 2016 after developing a passion for legal technology.

He was Head of Contracts and Data Protection Officer for the UK retailer, ASDA. At ASDA, Alistair designed and implemented a digital contracting tool which reduced the average contract cycle from 17 days to just 5 days.

Alistair thought there was a need for legal engineers to be an interface between legal teams and emerging legal tech.

In 2016 Alistair left ASDA and formed SYKE.

SYKE is now the fastest growing independent legal tech firm in the world

employing more than 45 lawyers and former lawyers, each one a specialist in legal tech engineering.

SYKE is Global

Its roots are in Yorkshire, but it operates globally and has teams based in countries as far and wide as Australia, USA, Spain, India and Malaysia.
where we are now

SYKE in Numbers

Legal engineers
Documents automated
Languages spoken
1 million
Client hours saved

What SYKE Tech
Stands for


Say it like it is

We don't mince our words, we always tell you straight, we say what we think, and tell you what we are up to.

Your ROI is fundamental

Delivering return on investment is fundamental to us. That means sticking to the agreed budget, delivering on time, and demonstrating the positive impact of our work on your business. We are committed to saving you more money through the implementation process than you’ll spend on our consultancy.

Knowledge is powerful

Our ability to scope, source and plug in the right software solution to fit your specific business need ensures we generate value from the moment we start.


Our experience and track record of implementing multiple legal technology systems across the globe speaks for itself. Our legal tech know-how is second to none. This includes document automation, contract lifecycle management, legal AI and smart bots.


We are legal techies who geek out on the very latest legal innovation, but we always explain the benefits in plain English, and never introduce technology just because it is whizzy or cool.


Our engineering team is entirely made up of lawyers or ex-lawyers who understand the importance of building legal tech on top of solid foundations. We won't implement software systems if existing processes are broken or ineffective.

Change agents

We are proud to be leading the field in legal tech innovation. The awards we've won and the testimonials we've had are testament to that.

Humble partners

We know we are only as good as our last project, and recognise that our best salespeople are our satisfied customers who recommend us to others. We are humbled to work for dozens of prestigious brands across multiple sectors.

Meet the Team

The calibre and depth of the SYKE legal tech engineering team is second to none. We employ more experts in the major software platforms than anyone else. Our experience is vast, and our legal expertise is cutting edge. We are proud legal tech geeks, who always speak in plain English (or any other language necessary).
Take a look at our leadership team

Alistair Maiden

Founder and CEO

Joanne Chuang

Head of Data Services

David Law

Head of Document Automation

Anna Lolua

Head of Legal Innovation
and Design

Lewis Bretts

Chief Strategy Officer

Ben Murphy

Senior Legal Engineer

Vicky Lockie

Legal Ops Guru

Adam Dessurne

Head of CLM