06 February 2020

My 2020 vision for in-house legal teams? Time to start embracing data-driven decision making

The availability of AI technology and the pressure on corporate legal departments to become more efficient is encouraging the adoption of data-driven decision making. By that I mean, using data from prior transactions or matters to inform strategic and tactical

27 January 2020

Adopting legal tech is one thing, getting to grips with Office 365 is another

Increasingly SYKE is being asked to run virtual tours of Office 365 for in-house legal teams, to help them understand what is available at their fingertips and how the individual elements complement one another. First things first, to save any blushes I won’t be naming any names.

27 January 2020

Buying legal tech? It’s a bit like buying a new car. Make sure you do your homework first.

If you think buying a new car is tricky, imagine spending a few hundred thousand pounds on legal tech. Particularly when your current mode of transport / way of working will get you to the right destination, eventually. The reality facing in-house lawyers who want to move

27 January 2020

Why you need a new (digital) front door

I attended CLOC earlier this week and was struck not by what was being said by the multitude of speakers on stage, but what was being discussed over coffees and at the bar afterwards. The big theme coming out loud and clear from GCs was a desire to more effectively triage all of the requests […]