Legal tech is a broad and emerging area
that is rapidly changing the way commercial
firms and law firms do business

At its simplest it could be the creation of a digital repository for all existing contracts in a firm. Adding the ability to interrogate, track and sign documents efficiently. Through to creating legal documents using digitised templates. Onto complex artificial intelligence (AI) that can interrogate thousands of documents, find targeted contract elements and reinsert points of variation. This is particularly useful where legislation changes such as the introduction of GDPR, the removal of LIBOR, or changes brought about as a result of Brexit and leaving the European Union.

Rather than employing a junior lawyer
to trawl through thousands of documents,
legal tech can take the strain

With our legal engineering expertise, we are able to select the right tool for the job, then train it to be more effective than the human eye at spotting issues, and dynamically fixing and replacing key clauses or factual inaccuracies.

How do You Automate Documents?

Business case

Developing an ROI model
that helps gain buy-in and
a consensus to act.

Document review

Making sure the formatting
is appropriate, running the documents
through Drafting Assistant.

Testing and feedback

We test the system and
amend it according to your
feedback. We want the result
to be perfect.

Training superusers

We can also train specific
users within your legal department
to maintain and amend the system
as required.


We will work together
to set out your project goals,
scope and process. This is the time
to get input from your team and
understand their pain points.


Document automation
implemented by SYKE. [Optional:
configuration of the site and
setting up of approvals.]

System launch

We train your team
to use the system and
get their feedback.