How to optimise your contracts process

By September 8, 2017 No Comments

Legal Directors are under increasing pressure to increase speed of contracting, reduce legal cost and improve service delivery. To learn how this can be done in an innovative way, read our ‘legal engineering’ white paper.

In ‘Legal Engineering: How to optimise your contracts process’, Fred tackles these challenges head on. Fred is the Legal Director at Corboda, a fictional software-as-service company and has been set some tough goals by his business.

The legal team works closely with the rest of the business to pick the right contracts to enhance, streamline their contacts process with a contracts playbook, and use ‘legal engineering’ methods to automate their most used contracts for an efficient and future-proof contracts life-cycle that is aligned with business objectives.

Together they manage to cut time to contract from 32 days to 15 days and cut external legal spend by 30%.

Read more for a practical step-by-step guide to success based on a real world scenario.

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