27 January 2020

Former Asda trio reunited at SYKE – world’s fastest growing independent legal tech consultancy

I’m delighted to announce today John Buxton and I have officially joined forces with our former colleague at Asda, Alistair Maiden, to help grow SYKE – the world’s fastest growing independent legal tech consultancy.

John has joined the company as business development director and I’m going to be SYKE’s marketing director, looking after all aspects of comms including PR and social media.

For those not in the know, John is a former Asda vice president, and I was senior director of marketing innovation. We’re joining SYKE at a period of dramatic growth.

We also both had the pleasure of working alongside SYKE’s founder and CEO Alistair Maiden at Asda before he left to set up SYKE in 2016.

Alistair has done an amazing job growing SYKE from a standing start three years ago to a 50+ strong team of highly talented legal engineers, with a set of global clients that most law firms would die for. Our role in this next phase of growth is to accelerate the business and help SYKE realise its full potential.

We are joining a successful and rapidly growing company. SYKE is already one of the foremost legal tech companies in the world, and we’re both looking forward to helping tell its story.

Legal tech is going to continue to disrupt this $200bn sector for many years to come, and SYKE is perfectly placed to benefit from that change, while enabling its clients to revolutionise how they use technology to save time and money.

Our collective mission is to transform the global legal industry by embedding the latest innovative technology, be that document automation or more sophisticated AI to dynamically create new contracts.

By removing unnecessary tasks and reducing bureaucracy, we are able to save companies money and free lawyers up to do what they do best – practice law.

Alistair founded SYKE in 2016 after developing a passion for legal technology in his role as Asda’s head of contracts. During his time at Asda he designed and implemented a digital contracting tool called Delphi which helped to significantly reduce Asda’s contract cycle.

John Buxton meanwhile has more than 20 years’ experience as both retailer, manufacturer and management consultant. Underpinned with frontline experience leading space, range and layout teams, managing logistics and managing factories John brings a 360-degree view to commercial challenges. He’s known for being creative and innovative while grounded in the realities and constraints of operating costs and return on investment.

Please wish us luck in our new venture!


Dom Burch

Marketing director at SYKE. Co-Founder at Salts Huby. MD Why Social. Chair