The fastest growing legal tech consultancy

We excel at delivering complex contracting projects and have led CLM implementations for some of the world’s largest organisations

Our story


SYKE’s founder, Alistair Maiden creates the first modern CLM – Delphi


SYKE is founded to help organisations embrace the benefits of technology


LOD and SYKE joined forces to create the world’s leading ALSP


SYKE has more than 200 colleagues working across the globe

By 2026

LOD and SYKE aim to be the world’s leading provider of services to corporate legal

What sets us apart?

Readiness, implementation, continuous improvement and on-going support are the key pillars to our bespoke service

Our goal is to set you up for maximum adoption and long-term success

Our strategic partnership

LOD and SYKE’s joint in-house expertise is unsurpassed giving us a full understanding of all parts of your legal function.  You can be confident you’ll get the best outcome through our combined people and technology solutions


Since 2007, LOD has been market leaders in flexible resourcing

SYKE are the original legal technology experts and in 2021, we created a strategic partnership

Together, we help legal teams use people and technology to make their ideal legal function a reality – one that is effective, agile and able to prove its value to the business