SYKE is a legal engineering business that helps businesses and law firms to procure and use technology to solve legal problems.

Legal technology has now reached a level of sophistication where it can be a game changer for lawyers overwhelmed by the demand for pace and cost-efficiency. At SYKE we are keen to make this technology as relevant and as focused towards the reality of the daily challenges of work as possible.

With many years of experience of working in private practice and in-house roles behind us, we bridge the gap between IT and legal and have a proven ability to deliver solutions to all sectors of the market.

Our Team

Alistair Maiden

Alistair founded SYKE after leaving Asda where he was Head of Contracts and Data Protection Officer.

At Asda Alistair successfully deployed Contracts Express and other technologies to deliver an end-to-end digital contracts and compliance solution called “Delphi”. Delphi significantly enhanced operational efficiency and delivered considerable savings.

Alistair is a very experienced contracts and privacy solicitor with a focus on simple solutions and sustainable progress.

David Law

David has a proven ability in delivering significant automation projects and products for UK top 100 law firms, international firms in North America and Africa along with some of the world’s leading retailers. Before becoming a legal engineer David was a practising legal executive within the Real Estate sector acting for a number of high profile development and landlord clients.

“Automation in the legal and commercial sectors, whether that be in private law firms, in house legal teams, governance or even in its potential for use by the general public and clients is at a crucial tipping point. There is a definite recognition by all concerned that this technology is readily available, accessible and is a ‘no-brainer’ in terms of achieving effective results quickly.”

Andrew Darnton

Andrew became a legal engineer after realising technology has now reached a stage where considerable benefits can be gained by users and many of the frustrations facing those working in the legal and commercial sectors can be significantly reduced. Prior to joining SYKE, Andrew gained 10 years’ experience working in top-tier law firms in Yorkshire, primarily as a former commercial property solicitor advising retailers, developers, investors, financial institutions and small businesses on all aspects of real estate law.

The “lightbulb moment” for Andrew came when he was in practice and configured his own system for managing files and next steps in the legal process and accurately predicting monthly billing forecasts. This breakthrough was the catalyst for seeking out further innovative solutions and he now enjoys helping customers to employ the latest technology and enhance their ways of working.

Andrew recognises the challenges faced by the organisations he works with, having experienced these first-hand, and uses the latest technology to manage and configure automation solutions for customers – saving time, reducing risk and lowering costs in the process.

David Price

David joins from Walmart where he was a Senior Director of Global Business Services. David provides world class sourcing and procurement transformation outcomes to organisations wishing to access his experience of operating in best practice environments for over 20 years.

Throughout David’s dynamic career at Walmart and Asda, he landed multiple business change initiatives and, subsequently, the desired business outcomes.

He brings, in one package: strategic vision; execution know how; and operations leadership skills. In global roles for the last 10 years, David has a highly developed ability to see the big picture and also to understand the detail. He had responsibility for indirect sourcing of technology and lifecycle cost transformation, most recently developing and scaling a remote delivery centre to provide all services needed to deliver TCO benefits through contract lifecycles for Walmart’s technology organisation.

Natalie Sandpearl

Before joining SYKE, Natalie led Irwin Mitchell’s legal document automation team, managing the deployment of Contract Express throughout the organisation.

As a software coder, change manager and solicitor with over 10 years’ post qualification experience, Natalie is well placed to help law firms who are new to document automation and is available for long term deployment engagements.

Eleonora Di Marzio

Eleonora joined SYKE after graduating from the University of Law with an LPC LLM. She trained as a legal engineer after realising the importance of technology in the legal sector. Her eye-opening moment was when she read the book Tomorrow’s Lawyers by Richard Susskind, which inspired her to train as a legal engineer and sparked an interest in the future of law and technology. She is fascinated by AI and its application within the legal profession.

Having lived in many different countries around the world, Eleonora is multilingual and is fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish and competent in German. Having studied at both English and French universities, she is familiar with the workings of both English and French law.

Clive Newnham

Before becoming a legal engineer, Clive practised for over 20 years in the City as a commercial real estate solicitor. While working as a professional support lawyer for CMS Cameron McKenna, Clive was responsible for introducing HotDocs document automation to the real estate team and was also heavily involved with the PISCES (now OSCRE) initiative to develop property information exchange standards.

In 2009, Clive left legal practice to become an independent document automation consultant. Since then, he has worked on numerous document automation projects for LexisNexis (as content creation lead for the introduction of Smart Precedents), Thomson Reuters and a wide range of law firms and in-house legal departments.

Clive is expert at coding in both Contract Express and Exari. As a legal engineer at SYKE, Clive has an abundance of experience available to develop highly effective automation solutions and is particularly interested in the possibility of using AI systems outputs to drive document automation.

When Clive isn’t busy legal engineering, he will probably be found playing his bass somewhere in London.

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