SYKE helps corporate legal teams and law firms to buy and implement legal technology. This includes document automation, contract lifecycle management, legal AI, expert systems and legal bots. Founded in 2016, we have grown quickly, and we are delighted to work for many of the world’s leading law firms and biggest companies

Our Founder

Alistair Maiden

Alistair Maiden

Founder and CEO

Alistair founded SYKE in 2016 after developing a passion for legal technology in his role as ASDA’s Head of Contracts. During his time at ASDA Alistair designed and implemented a digital contracting tool called Delphi which helped to significantly reduce ASDA’s contract cycle. Alistair teaches legal technology at the University of Manchester.


“SYKE have proven to be a trusted and valuable partner in the hugely successful growth of DWF Draft which has only gone from strength to strength as a result of the genuine collaboration between the DWF team and Dave at SYKE. ”

DWFJonathan Badrock

“We were delighted with SYKE’s innovation and end results. Without their help it is doubtful that we would have been able to complete the project on time, and we would certainly have incurred very significant additional internal and external cost.

AA GroupJoseph Lloyd, Head of Legal – Insurance and Financial Services


Legal Technology – Solving the Justice Gap

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Julia Babiarz, a Junior Legal Engineer at SYKE, writes about the opportunities Legal Tech brings to Access to Justice

Document Automation is Radically Transformative

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How and why document automation is radically transformative.

Alistair Maiden interview with Legal IT Insider

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Alistair tells Legal IT Insider more about SYKE and shares his insights as to why legal tech implementations fail and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Create a Free Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Joanne Chuang, Senior Legal Engineer, has collaborated with Contract Mill to develop a free self-service NDA.

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