Legal Tech made simple

Welcome to Legal Tech Made Simple, hosted by Dom Burch, a podcast designed for aspiring legal tech enthusiasts.

Join the host as he bridges the gap between law and technology, engaging in conversations with legal engineers, software developers, and industry-leading firms. The podcast aims to explore the world of legal tech, examine its practical applications, and provide valuable insights.

In the upcoming episodes, listeners can look forward to insightful discussions with Alistair Maiden, the CEO of SYKE Legal Engineering Consultancy, where they will get a chance to delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by legal technology.


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Dom Burch: This is Legal Tech Made Simple with me, Dom Burch. This is the podcast for all those people who want to do legal tech but haven’t quite worked out how. I’m not a lawyer, in fact, I’m not even a techie, which makes me perfectly qualified to speak to legal engineers, software developers, large law firms, and companies who are implementing legal tech, wanting to implement legal tech, and just haven’t got round to it. Coming up in the week ahead, we are going to be speaking to Alistair Maiden, who is the founder and CEO of SYKE Legal Engineering Consultancy, helping some of the biggest companies on the planet get their heads around this world of legal technology.

And we’ll be looking ahead to events, including a round table with DocuSign, which was going to be at the Gherkin next month in London.

And then we’re also going to be speaking to David Law, who is a senior legal engineer, and asking him about his top tips for working at home. Stay with us.